I have been teasing ElsaReapersun and Leigh with some really quick manips of “What if Interview with the Vampire remade with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston!!" and Reaper actually caved and drew it haha so  I colored over her awesome lineart :p

Edit: look at Reaper’s version! 

Edit2: This is supposed to be Hiddles as Lestat and Cumbers as Louie, the chat log above shows the uh….really “complicated artistic” reason why Lestat is not blond haha. More explanation here. 

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I don’t even LIKE vampires…



A study of super-realism: portrait of Tom

I know many people think that super-realism is quite pointless nowadays, I have no thought about this but just wanted to know how far I can go. Well, after 6 days of non-stop drawing! Finally I managed to finished this damn painting before my flight tomorrow afternoon! Now I can have a good rest and enjoy my holiday…

Good night all!


holy hell, this is amazing.

I need it in my bedroom living room

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Look at him, trying so damn hard not to fall apart in this scene. Doing his best not to just break down in public.  

I know. It must be fucking terrifying to learn you’re a member of a people you were taught to view as monsters and immediately afterward have to sit there listening to your own brother arguing for the right - the necessity - of terrorizing and killing them. And thus, if he knew, you.

It is fucking terrifying.

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